Quality Control & Testing

FazerTec provides a complete range of solutions for testing and measurement for different test properties and application based on different international test standards like ISO, ASTM, BS, CPPA, BIN, FEFCO, FINAT, JIS, PAPTAC, SCAN, TAPPI, and APPITA.


We develop various products for mechanical testing, hardness testing equipment; tensile testers; compression testers; and more. The premise for this range of instrumentation is to apply variations of stress and strain for quality control and assurance.

The Range of equipment are as under.

 Pulp And Sheet Formation Testing
Paper And Tissue Testing
 Physical Testing
 Optical Testing
 Printability Tester
 Process Control Instruments
 Sample Preparation
 Surface Testing
 Packaging And Corrugation Testing
 Filter Paper Testing
 Adhesive And Label Testing
 Plastic Testing Instruments
 Analytical Testing Instruments
 Environment Testing Instruments



Fazertec Tensile
Double Column Tensile