V-TEST II Vickers Hardness Tester

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V-Test II Vickers Hardness Tester: For hardness determination on metals and ceramics. The basic set-up includes manually positioned Z-axis on test stand, manually positioned X-axis table magnetic supporting table O 100 mm. The black and white camera has digital optics with zoom micro objective and 20 times magnification including illumination – other options of objectives are available.


  • Manual x-y table, 25 x 25 mm closed, up to 10 kg load
  • Micrometre gauge options with one analogue and one digital or both digital
    • Analogue micrometre gauge with measuring range: 0 – 25 mm, reading: 0,01
    • Digital micrometre gauge with measuring range: 0 – 25 mm, reading: 0.001 mm for hardness spreading test including cable
  • Pick-up devise for a round-shaped specimen from Ø30 up to Ø50 mm, customization on request
  • Centrally clamped bench vice including 1 set of clamping jaws – clamping jaws are exchangeable, hardened, and polished
  • Standard blocks on request
  • dakks/dKd-calibration certificate for low force / micro hardness – test load levels hv
  • indenter vickers 136° incl. dakks/dKd-calibration certificate


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