Digi Test II Fully Automatic Hardness Tester – The World’s Most Advanced Shore/IRHD Durometer

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Fully Automatic Hardness Tester – Digi Test II – Introducing The World’s Most Advanced Shore/IRHD Durometer

Digi test II – a modularized tester for Shore, IRHD and VLRH: The highly intelligent digitest II is equipped with an electronic unit that serves as the main control of the entire system and the display of the user’s information for measuring time, method, measurement and various selectable features.

Hardness testing on convex and concave surfaces: Unlike the conventional hardness testers which are limited to only flat-surfaced samples, measuring with the Bareiss digitest II allows hardness testing on all surfaces possible by using the automatic surface detection technology. In addition to that, we can customize our indenter length so that it can reach any point on the sample which is required for measuring.

Sample holders and positioning devices: Bareiss offers a wide range of standard sample holders, but we also specialize in customizing holders for your particular products. Please contact the sales team for your individual solution.

Measuring Devices: The easy plug-and-play solution requires no complicated setup. The measuring unit can be securely installed simply by hand fastening a knurl nut and once done, the electronic unit automatically detects the type of the installed measuring method in accordance to that standard.


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